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Guided Trips

Guided trips on center consoles:

These trips come with a knowledgable captain, who will be your guide. There is unlimited variety and selection is only up to you. Maximum passengers on these trips is 6 total (every beating heart counts – that means children too). It is private tours only, no split parties.

Most popular choices are:

Guided Fishing

We bait your hooks, clean your fish – all you do is fish. These tours are 4, 6 and 8 hours. Recommended number of anglers is four to ensure best service possible.

Dolphin Tours

We know our wild dolphins by name, we will reveal you their behaviors, diet and much more. Captain is an active member of Dolphine Research Center. If you would like to understand them, not just see, this is a tour to take.

Nature Tour

We will disappear in local fresh water marshland, looking for Alligators, birds of Prey and Beautiful aquatic plants. Captain is recognized as Certified Nature Tour Guide.


Most popular choice! This is hands on "Forrest Gump" experience. We will drag a big net on the bottom of the seafloor. You will encounter aquatic sea-life like stingrays, Puffer fish, Eels, Crabs and of course shrimp. We put them in our touch tank and kiddos will help to assort through. We release all sea-life and give you Fresh Shrimp to cook. No mud, no smell, just pure fun!

Beach Trips

If the public beaches are too crowded and you want to travel in style, we will take you to the remote islands. We will take places for Kids to collect shells or just ride and see secluded places. Ice cold drinks and stereo and shade is always available!

Special Requests

Romantic wine & cheese sunsets, destination trips, waterfront house shopping are available... Please talk to us and we will make it happen.

Fishing: 12 Lbs test, 46 Lbs of Black Drum, 38 min.
Dolphin tours: Curious and investigating Bottle Nose Dolphin
Nature Tour: American Alligator in our marshlands
Magical stuff happens - Lager Head Turtles hatching

Prices are based on $110 per hour for the entire vessel, not per person.

Minimum is 1 1/2 hours for all tours except fishing.

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